How A “Stupid Orphan Boy” Became The Father Of Science And What It Means For Your Online Business!

He was often heralded as “the most brilliant man that ever lived.” He and Albert Einstein ranked #1 and #2 as history’s leading world physicists.

He discovered the law of universal gravitation. He defined the law of planetary motion. He co-founded the principles and study of calculus. He discovered that white light is composed of all the colors of the spectrum.

More than any other, he is responsible for laying the foundation of our modern-day study of mathematics, astronomy, and physics. Yet this slow, awkward, and fatherless boy was abandoned by his widowed mother at the age of two and left to the care and keeping of his grandmother. As a young boy he did very poorly in grade school, was often teased about his stupidity, and was considered by his instructors very “unpromising.” He became engaged at 19 but the romance with his sweetheart quickly cooled as she left him to marry someone else.

Then something miraculous happened.

The young man became engrossed in his studies and through diligence, persistence, and hard work he became the top student in his school. Surprisingly, his most important discoveries were made during a two-year period when the university he was attending was closed due to an epidemic of the plague. He was forced to retire to his home where he continued his self-tutoring.

So what miraculous change came over this young man? How did he rise above the challenges and dire circumstances forced upon him early in life? What lesson can you learn from his life about turning failure into success?

Here are his own words: “If I have seen further than others, it is by standing upon the shoulders of giants.” – Sir Isaac Newton

Newton was quick to give credit to and magnify or enlarge upon the contributions of those who had gone before him. His vision and perspective were greater than the masses because he continually built upon and perfected the knowledge, ideas, and work of his predecessors.

Small and home based business owners should do the same.

Today’s online business environment at Internet speed is mind boggling! Change happens at a dizzying pace, new ideas and profitable selling models pop up constantly, emerging technologies appear on the scene like waves crashing on the beach one after another.

You don’t have time to re-invent the principles of business success. You can’t afford to wait upon perfection as you create a new business, web site or product. You can’t continue personal learning at the expense of doing – both must happen continually together.

Find yourself a giant and stand on his shoulders.

Is Technology Dependent on Man Or is it Vice Versa?

“Is the net working?”, one of my colleagues asked and I before I could reply, pat came the reply, “No”. And with this announcement all work stopped all of a sudden. While some of us rejoiced at this unintended break from work, others who were doing something more important banged their fists on the workstations and mumbled something to give vent to their anger. Soon the entire office, which usually resounds with the noise of key presses, was abuzz with murmur as people started gossiping with their friends and other colleagues. And there was no objection from the bosses as the work requires the employees to have access to the internet 24*7.

And, it was during one such phase in my routine day at the office, when I realized that how far mankind has reached. Today we can do things which could not have been imagined by our grandfathers. Science has gifted us with the technology to reach our loved ones within minutes which was a dream till about a century ago. The developments in the field of IT are squeezing out distances rapidly. We are advancing in space technology and medicinal and engineering fields. Nanotechnology is changing the concept of the way we look at things. And the journey has just begun. We still have many more milestones to cover and many new heights to achieve.

Given the madness of the human race for making everything automated, the day is not far away when we will be dependent on technology to fulfill even our smallest needs. But have we ever thought where this overly fast paced development trend is taking us. Have we ever given a thought to what cost we are paying for this rapid development in science and technology? Are we as humans, not losing our basic humanity in this never ending race.

The speed at which various nations are joining the rat race of developing nuclear warheads has already created quite a threatening situation for the entire human kind. We can just imagine the consequences that the world might have to face in case a war involving biological weaponry was to erupt. Who knows, maybe the horrors of movies that revel a future full of conflict between man and the machine might actually be realized. After all are we not eager to develop machines that cannot only behave like humans but also think like humans.

Today the world is divided into two major parts, an ultra modern and rich part and a shabby and extremely poor part. Somehow the technology is being used for the further development of the former class but what about the other half of the world? People, who do not get a square meal a day, don’t really care what they can do with internet. A mother who has lost her child to a disease like TB cannot understand the benefit of nanotechnology. Is the death of a six year old child, worth the millions of dollars we pump into the development of new weapons for warfare? No, absolutely not!

But if you are thinking that I am some kind of a freak who is against all advancements in technology, then let me correct you. I am nothing of that sort and in fact I am thankful for the many gifts of technological developments including my PC, which I am using to write this article. However, I am just somewhat anxious about where we are heading towards in this blind race that we have named technological research. And in my opinion those of you who have any idea about the fate of Hiroshima and Nagasaki in WWII will share my anxiety. After all, the people who developed nuclear power must never have thought that their invention would be used to completely destroy every form of life in two major cities.

So friends, I am not against any kind of technological development but all I want to say that we need to ensure that what we are developing should not come back to haunt us. We are all well aware that the menace of terrorism has engulfed the entire world. So we can very well understand the repercussions if any device that was developed with the intention of helping in the growth of mankind, were to fall into the hands of the radicals. Hence it is important to bring in laws that will ensure that all the developments made in technology are always kept in safe hands. If this can be ensured then I am sure that the technological development will entirely change the scenario of our planet and we will soon be inhabiting a world full of peace and prosperity.

Iowa State University of Science and Technology – Financial Aid Program

Iowa State University was established on March 22, 1858 as Iowa Agricultural College and Model Farm. Story County was selected as a site for this purpose on June 21, 1859 and the original farm of 648 acres was purchased for a cost of $5,379. Abraham Lincoln signed the law that led to the formation of the land-grant universities. Iowa State University was one of the first of these special colleges that were founded on three very unique concepts: Open higher education to all, teach practical classes and share knowledge far beyond the campus borders.

The Farm House was the first building on the Iowa State campus. It was completed in 1861, and in 1862, the Iowa legislature voted to accept the provision of the Morrill Act, which was awarded to the agricultural college in 1864. Iowa Agricultural College was later renamed as Iowa State College of Agricultural and Mechanic Arts in 1898.

The college was started as a co-educational institution from the very beginning and the first official class entered at Ames in 1869. The first class of 24 men and 2 women graduated in 1872. Over its long span of more than a century, ISU has consistently maintained its high quality standards in agriculture, engineering, extension, home economics, and created the nation’s first state veterinary medicine school in 1879.

ISU was officially renamed as Iowa State University of Science & Technology in 1959. The thrust on technical education lead to many research patents and inventions over the years. The first Binary Computer (the ABC) was invented here and constructed here. Apart from this, there are various other articles like Maytag, Blue Cheese, and the Round Hay Baler which have emerged from this prestigious institution.

The university started with a small number of students and today it has reached an approximate number of twenty seven thousand students and over 100 buildings with world class programs in agriculture, technology, science and arts.

Financial Aid in Iowa State University:
Higher education costs are always a case of concern for the parents and the students as well. Some of the deserving students miss out on an opportunity to get a good quality education due to lack of proper financial support and planning.

ISU has a separate grant, aid, loan program which awards monetary help to the deserving and the needy students. The federal grant and aid is available at the school if the student has registered for the FAFSA. It is the first step towards availing federal and state scholarships.

The university also gives loans for a variety of purposes. One can apply for education loan that is a form of financial aid that must be repaid with interest. Then there are the Student Loans which are given to the deserving candidates. These include the Federal Direct Stafford Loan, Federal Health Professions Loan, Federal Perkins Loan and Federal Direct Graduate and Veterinary Medicine PLUS Loan.

ISU also gives Parents Loan in the form of The Federal Direct PLUS Loan that is available for parents of a dependent student to cover educational costs not already covered by the student’s financial aid package.

Apart from all the above mentioned, Private Loans are offered by private lenders with no federal forms to complete. Eligibility for private student loans often depends on the applicant’s credit score.

Thus it can be safely said that Iowa State University is a very special place that has a very rich historical background.