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US Computer Named World’s Fastest
According to reports released on November 15, 2012, a Cray supercomputer at the US Government’s Oak Ridge National Laboratory has been an IBM supercomputer at another American research center. Titan, a Cray XK7 system installed at Oak Ridge achieved 17.59 Peta flops (quadrillions of calculations per second). The system is funded by the United States Department of Energy, and is used for research in energy, climate change, efficient engines, materials and other advanced scientific research.

Titan knocked the IBM Sequoia at the Lawrence Liver more National Laboratory, California, to second place. Sequoia, which was declared the world’s fastest system in June 2012, could manage only 16.32 Peta flops in the contest. In the top five, the others were Fujitsu’s K computer in Kobe, Japan; an IBM Blue Gene/Q system named Mira in Chicago, USA; and another IBM Blue Gene/Q system named Queen in Germany. The survey found that 251 of the fastest 500 systems in the world were in USA, 105 in Europe and 123 in Asia, including 72 in China.

Scientists Discover How To Change Color Of Gold
Scientists have for the first time found a way to change the color of gold, the world’s most iconic precious metal. Researchers from the University of Southampton, USA, have discovered that by embossing tiny raised or indented patterns onto the metal’s surface, they can change the way it absorbs and reflects light. The result is that the human eye does not see it as “golden” in color at all.

The breakthrough finding is equally applicable to other metals such as aluminum and silver. It opens up the prospect of coloring metals without having to coat or chemically treat them, delivering valuable economic, environmental and other benefits.

The technique could be harnessed in a wide range of industries which includes manufacturing jewellery. It can also be used to make banknotes and documents that are harder to forge. It can be used to produce a wide range of colors on a given metal.

Gloves That Allow The Hands To Function As Wireless Keyboard
Researchers from the University of Alabama, USA, have designed a new glove that allows the users hands to turn into a wireless keyboard. Instead of tapping keys on a keyboard, the user simply touches their thumb to certain points on their fingers which are assigned a letter or other keyboard functions. Conductive thread carries the command to the matchbox-sized Printed Circuit Board (PCB) affixed to the back of the glove. The PCB transmits it to the targeted device via Bluetooth.

The name of the glove is Gauntlet, which is an acronym for Generally Accessible Universal Nomadic Tactile Low-power Electronic Typist. It features a beehive of conductive threads running through the fingers and palm.

How to Publish Your Own Science Journal?

One of the reasons why mankind is able to enjoy the amenities of modern life is due to constant advancements in science and technology. Through the various developments in science and technology, mankind has learned the ability to understand the universe some extent. If it wasn’t for the scientists and researchers who have worked since the time of Aristotle, many of the amenities of modern life such as TV would not have been invented. All of these scientific advancements are documented for future generations through the utilization of scientific journals.

A science journal is a publication that contains various scientific papers that have been written after proper research. Many scientists and researchers use appropriate science journals to publish their own work in the form of a short scientific paper that consists of 5 to 30 pages. Then, other scientists and researchers who are working in a similar field can also look at that particular scientific paper, in order to see whether the research can be improved. As a result, one advantage of publishing a scientific paper is to trademark your work before anyone else, while the second advantage is to help build upon the knowledge that already exists. This way, new scientists and researchers can also advance their work by utilizing these scientific papers.

Of course, there may come a time, in which you may also decide to create your own science journal or technology journal. Creating a scientific journal is a difficult process, which requires the journal to be designed and made in a systematic way. First of all, a scientific journal should have a good and unbiased editorial board. This is very important, as the editorial board should govern the process of the submission of scientific papers and it should regulate double blind reviews for the submitted scientific papers. In addition, the process of editorial review should be clear to the scientific community in the beginning, when the science journal is first established. Thus, if you are establishing your own science journal, you should approach respected colleagues who can help you to establish your editorial board.

Once you have chosen the editorial board, you should also set the standards that you will accept for a scientific paper. For example, do you require computational simulations in your technology journal or do you just want analytical studies to be published. As another example, do you need to see some experimental proof before you allow the publication of a research paper or will it be enough to have calculations without proof. When you are establishing your own science journal, these criteria should be explored in detail by your editorial board, so that appropriate reviewers can then be chosen to carry out this process.

Naturally, a newly established science journal should have an automated submission system. It is essential to create a system that allows for a paper submission process, which is unbiased, automated and systematic at the same time. Luckily, there are several software that allows you to publish your own science journal online. Naturally, some professional help will be needed to install the journal software. Most of the science journal automation software that is available on the net is an open source software, so it is essential to choose one that has the least number of bugs in it. You might want to try out a couple of science journal submission programs before deciding the most suitable one for your journal.

In addition, a newly published science journal or a technology journal will need an ISSN number, which will be the number that registers the journal internationally as a periodical publication. It is completely free to get an ISSN number and you can get it by applying online from the international ISSN site. Hence, once you have formed your editorial board and once you have received your ISSN number; then with the assistance of your science journal publication software, your science journal will be ready for immediate publication. This way, your newly published journal can also serve as a beacon of knowledge to the scientific community.

Championing For Alternative Energy is Still Alive and Well

Most of us agree that a source of alternative energy is required if we want to ensure that we do what can for the survival of the planet. Yet the chronic debates regarding the topic slows progress down, hampers elected officials, and leaves many in a quandary. The constant battle between the human needs and the planet’s needs never really seems to simmer down.

One of the most aggressive issues is the potency of alternative energy. In other words, will it be powerful enough to ensure that power and energy are brought to all of those that need it, even when the demand is sky high. Air conditioners, the longer, darker nights of winter time, and the chronic high demands of industry can pose a threat to the consistency issues.

Are there geographical areas that are more likely to be successful with solar, wind, or other alternative power sources? More than likely there is a greater chance of success along coast lines for three out of four seasons. While the sun may very be a potent energy source in the summer, the wind tends to be rather ineffective during the three basic summer months. Yet during the winter months when there is not enough sun to provide power there is ample wind for generation.

Of course, this is also a political issue as much as it is an environmental issue. While candidates are now starting to create platforms that include things like alternative energy sources, progress has been slowed for many reasons.

First, try finding two politicians that can agree on renewable or alternative power sources and their plan for execution. Second, there is a limited knowledge regarding the initial ability to support the power demand. In the early stages it may very well be a doubling up of power sources, one traditional and one alternative, in order to test the systems and make sure that everything is moving forward without massive hiccups.

Just like the tax credit provided to the people who replace their high energy appliances or windows with a low energy version, some politicians have determined that the ultimate goal would be to transition the responsibility of power to the people. Thus, a tax credit could be offered to help convince consumers to create their own power at home. Over time the mandate could be considered into law, but this naturally leaves a huge problem for renters who have little to no control over their power sources.

With these potential issues, science and technology are still fighting hard to create the most effective and efficient alternative energy sources. The more we uncover through technology and science the more we can determine whether or not we can sustain power throughout the year and without major system flaws.

Recently a totally new design for the wind turbine was created and then connected successfully to the power grid. This turbine is known as floating turbine and has already been proven to be more cost effective for initial as well as chronic use. Since alternative energy is the single most important aspect of saving the planet from the human race, the continued push for complete energy conversion must not cease. In time we should see true conversions from traditional energy sources.